Familiar, nostalgic, pretty, dramatic, traditional, transitional and always in style. That is the clawfoot bathtub. They are a bit like chameleons; a quick coat of paint on the exterior can change the profile from soft romantic to sophisticated loft. Years ago we painted a bright sunflower on a clawfoot tub that we placed in the window of our first 58th Street showroom. It stopped traffic and was eventually bought by a famous rock star for his house in the Hamptons.

The traditional tub was manufactured of cast iron with a coat of porcelain enamel kiln fired for durability; in fact, most tubs are still made in this manner. The interior is always white, but as mentioned before, personalizing the outer portion with color adds flexibility not available for other types of bathing vessels. Occasionally, I see one made of acrylic. But with this new material, the tub seems to lose its luster, elegant shape and crisp rolled edge.

The clawfoot tub was popular in late 19th century England, just as bathing was becoming fashionable, especially for the aristocracy. Clearly, it was a “luxury” item. Today it has become an iconic symbol for the bath with its claw and ball feet inspired by Chippendale furniture.

I might add that a cast iron tub is very heavy and expensive, and its style drives the design of the bath. It is also essential that any tub be comfortable. So before you fall in love, make sure it is appropriate for the environment you are creating.

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