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Earlier in the month, I wrote about my excitement for my new book, The Perfect Bath. While the process of designing and executing a great bath can be demanding, dare I say that the book itself—my experience and insight coupled with advice from top experts and stunning images—is quite an enjoyable read.

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It has been nearly 40 years since my husband Robert and I founded Waterworks. During that time I have sold countless bathrooms, answered what seems like millions of questions, solved many problems, designed any number of iconic products and created a bath style that has endured over the years.

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I simply love books; new and old, design, decoration, architecture, art, craft, fashion, landscape and much more. I use them for reference, inspiration and pleasure. There is something special about each book — from the texture and design of the book jacket to the choice of material for the end papers, from the selection of font to the cadence of photographs, and of course the content. For me, each treasured favorite is highly personal.

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I have wanted to publish a list of ‘must have’ architectural books for a long time. Since I am not an architectural historian, I asked my friend, Michael Mesko, if he would help me assemble a list of interesting and useful books that would help all of us better understand buildings by observing them with a more educated appreciation and critical eye. Michael is a Notre Dame educated architect who specializes in Classical and Traditional design. He has worked for many of the most important classicists we know and read about; Robert A. M. Stern, Gil Schafer, David Easton, Franck & Loshan, Ferguson and Shamamian and many others.

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