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The word “backsplash” has become synonymous with renovating, remodeling or creating a new kitchen.  It is part of the essential elements of the design. In fact, it can become the defining moment for the ubiquitous white kitchen. However, I have been thinking that tiling the backsplash is not enough in a space that should be easily maintained with a quick wash down. The solution is to tile the entire kitchen.

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A bath with a masculine orientation is more about grooming than primping. There will not be any dressing tables, fluffy rugs or soft colors and trays of cosmetics.  I imagine a man’s bath will use rich polished wood for furniture or decorative accessories, dark colors from gray to brown and beautifully figured or textured stone.

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We were cruising down Route #1 in Maine when I spotted a sign that said Swans Island. I have been a fan of Swans Island blankets since I first experienced them at the Nicky-Kehoe shop in LA several years ago. Could it be that I had serendipitously found the place where they are made, right on the highway in mid-coast Maine?

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