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A serendipitous visit to The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, CT (encouraged by a friend who is a volunteer in the education department there) reminded me that wonderful exhibitions can hide in plain sight — in this case, practically in my backyard.

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While in LA last week I indulged in a little nostalgia.  I went to see the newly opened Diane von Furstenberg exhibition at LACMA. Her iconic wrap dress has been memorialized at 40 with the exhibit, THE JOURNEY of a DRESS. While it is indeed a celebration of the evolution of a dress, it is also a tribute to the designer herself, with paintings and photographs of her distinctive beauty and glamorous life.

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We were cruising down Route #1 in Maine when I spotted a sign that said Swans Island. I have been a fan of Swans Island blankets since I first experienced them at the Nicky-Kehoe shop in LA several years ago. Could it be that I had serendipitously found the place where they are made, right on the highway in mid-coast Maine?

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