A bath with a masculine orientation is more about grooming than primping. There will not be any dressing tables, fluffy rugs or soft colors and trays of cosmetics.  I imagine a man’s bath will use rich polished wood for furniture or decorative accessories, dark colors from gray to brown and beautifully figured or textured stone.

I think of the spaces as clean and direct, chic and sophisticated, modern or quirky/cluttered in the tradition of an English men’s club. The art is often of dogs or horses or black and white photos. The trays to corral the amenities like razors, shaving cream or brushes might be in leather, resin or stone as will the tissue covers and soap pumps. The design and style of these accessories help define the space and give it a sense of the owners personality.

Another defining factor might be in the selection of textiles. The men in my family like towels that are a blend of linen and cotton which give them a slightly scruffy texture. The rugs and mats are simple and straight forward with short loops, woven patterns or in the tradition of an English style, a lovely worn oriental.

Just a slight twist in design choices, either the color or wallpaper, a rug or towel, a vintage or modern accessory, can easily take a space from masculine to feminine. Today, so many baths are clad in Cararra or Calacatta marble that just a change in the color of a towel can change the orientation of the space.  The most important thing, however, is to add original decorative objects that are personal. The bath should be a reflection of your own style and taste.

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