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I have written about wall-mounted faucets before, but today they seem more relevant than ever. Certainly, mounting a faucet on the wall, especially on an elegantly shaped backsplash, is a space saver.

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Many of us find ourselves very short on space in either a powder bath or, occasionally, a full bath. Finding the right solution for these space constraints is never easy. I was poking around and found one solution to resolving this spatial dilemma: the corner sink. While the corner sink solves the water delivery issue, it is not necessarily the prettiest resolution. But, for washing hands or brushing teeth, it gets the job done.

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New York City designer Philip Gorrivan was kind enough to share this photo with me.  It is a bath he designed for a NYC client who wanted a classic and timeless space that was practical as well as beautiful. He chose to install two single washstands with marble slabs fabricated with traditional ogee edges. The functionality becomes apparent with the installation of a small piece of furniture with a bank of drawers providing extra space to store bath sundries out of sight. I love all of the black accents from the border on the towels to the black crown molding. The scale is right and the materials beautifully layered.

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Once again Eric Rexrode, our Waterworks Outside Sales Consultant in Philadelphia, has kindly written this post. Thanks, Eric: We often get requests for fittings that can be mounted on the wall above the sink. I love this idea because it’s a great solution to gain more counter space as well as to use that often forgotten vertical layer in the bathroom. The wall above the sink is most commonly used for medicine cabinets, mirrors, lighting or a small shelf. But moving your faucet to this space can create an additional design element. This is the perfect solution when there is insufficient depth to properly mount a fitting in the counter. (A counter with a stone top and undermount oval sink should be no less than 23″.)

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