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Several years ago, I had the privilege of visiting Maison de Verre in Paris (1928-32) commissioned by Annie and Jean Dalsace as a meeting place for artists, musicians and intellectuals as well as a place for Dr. Dalsace to practice medicine. It is one of the few buildings Pierre Chareau (with the assistance of Danish architect Bernard Bijvoet) both designed and furnished. The architecture was breathtaking yet rugged with the use of steel and cement, transparent glass blocks, exposed industrial materials. It is an icon of modern architecture.

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Admittedly, I am a complete snob about hotel rooms. I travel frequently and always look to experience the comfort and logic of good design from the moment I check in. The bed must be heavenly, the sheets crisp and perfectly pressed, and the floors preferably wood or stone (so nothing can hide in the carpets). Of course I pay extra attention to the bath, and appreciate a room in which smart design has been employed so that the tub and shower fittings are intuitive and visually sublime.

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I remember the first time we used dark grout as a design statement at Waterworks. Peter Sallick thought the columns in our 58th Street showroom should look like old New York, referencing the subways as an example. We loved the look; it emphasized the grid and gave the space dimension. It made the columns, which could easily have been a disaster, more integrated in to our design process as well as a focal part of the architecture.

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