Admittedly, I am a complete snob about hotel rooms. I travel frequently and always look to experience the comfort and logic of good design from the moment I check in. The bed must be heavenly, the sheets crisp and perfectly pressed, and the floors preferably wood or stone (so nothing can hide in the carpets). Of course I pay extra attention to the bath, and appreciate a room in which smart design has been employed so that the tub and shower fittings are intuitive and visually sublime.

Certainly the visionaries behind The Viceroy New York have fulfilled these requirements and more with their choice of materials. Roman and Williams, the creators of Waterworks R.W. Atlas fittings, fashioned a particularly superb bath environment. Inspired by classic 1930s New York apartments, the design team beautifully replicated historic but classic architectural details in elements such as unlacquered brass finish on the fittings — the effect is especially stellar because it’s also aligned with the somewhat industrial and hip vibe of the hotel.

In the bath, mosaics on the walls add texture particularly through the use of dark grout in light stone, and the stone floors cut and laid in a simple pattern take complete advantage of the surface veining. And you simply cannot miss the stunning city view, with natural light that pours in through a window in the shower. An example of expert design, this hotel provides the most enjoyable respite from the hectic vibe of New York City.


Viceroy NYC
120 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019
(212) 830-8000

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