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While Robert and I would rather have been at the beach, we decided to take an excursion to Hudson, New York, on a rainy Sunday. The town is always a place for inspiration. There are so many interesting objects (and some awful ones as well) that it is like going on a scavenger hunt. While I was not looking for anything in particular, it was fun to simply identify things I liked.

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Thomas Jayne, author, historian, preservationist, decorator and friend, has written a remarkable new book, AMERICAN DECORATION, A SENSE OF PLACE published by The Monacelli Press. Thomas’ interest in architecture and decoration started with his family’s legacy of houses that ranged from the Plymouth colony to a Vermont tavern, an Italianate Villa in Iowa and a California Craftsman style bungalow amongst others. Even the re-decoration of his boyhood room by painting the walls White House red. His family’s migration across a broad swath of the country and his own sense of history have informed Thomas’s’ body of work.

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