The Empire tub is a Waterworks icon.  It has been used in modern and traditional spaces and becomes a chameleon depending on the design of the interior. Its shape and scale were inspired by 19th century French and English fire clay tubs.

Generous proportions, sculptural curves and graceful profiles are signature design details, while its luxurious depth and interior simplicity ensure a comfortable bath for one or two.

On a recent trip to Atlanta, I met the lovely and talented designer Amy Morris of Amy D. Morris Interiors. Amy recently used the Empire tub as a piece of sculpture in a bathroom renovation. A large-scale decorative mirror highlights the tub and raised paneling create an architectural framework. The chandelier is grand and very glamorous. This room lives up to her “classic but not predictable” decorating philosophy.

Amy personalized the space with a bouquet of yellow tulips, elegantly monogrammed towels and a delicate side table for soaps and sponges. Polished wood floors are a perfect complement to the Calcutta marble in the shower. Although there is an abundance of space, the room feels intimate and perfectly suited to the rhythms of everyday life. This is a very personal space with elegant accents and lots of impact.

Peter Block of Peter Block Architects in Atlanta used the Empire tub as the focal point in a bath he and his wife created together. Here it’s not only the tub that perfectly fits the space, but also the simplicity of the objects that surround it which create a refined and elegant space. Natural light floods the room and makes it feel so warm. This is a bath that appeals to the senses. Can you can imagine the sound of the water filling the tub, the scent of a favorite soap and the feel of a favorite towel?

You will probably notice all the installations use exposed tub fillers. These fittings are often installed on free standing legs and come with a hand shower. Beautiful lines, impeccable proportions, easy curves, smooth metal surfaces and functionality are all considerations when selecting a fitting. The right choice ensures the overall design integrity of the space.

What’s your favorite setting for the Empire tub? Do you like a more traditional setting or do you prefer a more modern setting? I’d love to see your favorite image of the Empire tub.

For specification information on the Empire tub, follow this link and click on the item information for more downloads.

Images courtesy of: Amy D. Morris Interiors via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Peter Block Architects, Shon Parker, Traditional Home, Veranda, Waterworks, and Elle Decor’s Style and Substance.

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