We launched Waterworks Studio in Fall 2011. The brand is an evolution of our product assortment and our continued commitment to design authenticity, quality and innovation. The design brief for Waterworks Studio was to embrace an elegant and straightforward sensibility in fittings, textiles, accessories and surfaces with deliberately edited and curated styles, colors and finishes. We wanted to make it easy to assemble a bath confidently by removing guesswork and stressful decision making from the process. The result is a stylish collection that works efficiently and beautifully–outfitting  multiple bathrooms from modern to traditional.

The latest addition to Waterworks Studio is LUDLOW. It was designed with the motto of the Bauhaus in mind: “less is more.” It is devoid of any overwrought detailing and scaled to the most elemental and simple shapes. And, like the Bauhaus, it is perfectly proportioned and made with great care by skilled craftsmen. It has industrial references with exposed screws and handles that are beautiful and intuitive in form. We love its historical context and its adaptability to multiple settings.

With the addition of Ludlow, the collection now includes five complete fittings and accessories families, a neutral palette of stone and tile and a rich palette of towels to be used as accents. The free standing accessories are useful with beautiful materials and textures. Waterworks Studio is readily available and easy to shop online or in our stores.

If you are interested in seeing more, you may view the entire collection online at http://www.waterworks.com/collections/studio or request our latest catalog at 800.899.6757.


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