It is so exciting for Waterworks to introduce a new fittings line to our assortment.  The launch represents countless meetings, in depth discussions about the smallest details, last minute design decisions and contemplative moments studying plastic prototypes.  But best of all are the initial discussions around inspiration.

Our introduction of HENRY involved just such a process. We started with assembling inspiration boards for a product that would be influenced by the connection of industry and art.  We  looked at the work of Saarinen, Gropius and even Bracuusi for inspiration. Modernist and industrial age thinking with its reliance on simple geometric forms and a partnership between design and production helped us define our ideas.

As a result, HENRY is an evolutionary style that easily transitions between modern, traditional, utilitarian and classic spaces. And, like all of our other products, it embodies the essence of Waterworks; design, craftsmanship and quality.

Henry is straightforward but not over simplified; the focus is on the cylinder or barrel form of the valve cover, the hex nut and coin edge ring. A single hole lav set both functional and unique, arched spouts and sleek marble and teak gland cover custom options blend both the new and old sensibilities of this collection. It is inherently timeless and graceful and will look elegant in any bath.

To see our full Henry collection, click here.

For more on Henry, read the blog post by Velvet and Linen.

Inspiration images from: Antiques, Oct. 09; Icons of Design: The 20th Century; Modernism: Designing a New World


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