I thought I would do a little shameless promotion and tell you about Waterworks’ newest catalog, New Icons. We have reintroduced some our of longtime favorite collections and introduced several new ones that we’re sure will become beloved go-tos. New Icons is a quite a large book with multiple categories (fittings, hardware, lighting and surfaces) — 94 pages, all enhanced with great photography by Gentl and Hyers and Sloan Howard.

We have always taken great pride in the craftsmen who make our products, and the resulting quality. Each piece combines timeless design with meticulous engineering to create elegant and sophisticated products with clean and defined details. Some of the items in the book will be familiar, and for good reason; they have been inspired by found vintage items. While the designs are all ours, the materials, scale and unique details are pleasantly recognizable, such as the remarkable and innovative mechanical details of late 19th-century boiler rooms, bank locks and safes, beautiful cameras and microscopes.

The newest additions to our family of fittings are Regulator and Dash. Regulator is not for the timid; it has powerful utilitarian details, a grand scale, amazing hand-built parts, bold shapes and great detail. It makes a significant statement with mechanical elements and a purposeful presence. On the other hand, Dash has a clean and spare silhouette. Its shape is pared down, its curves are soft and its details are minimal. Dash is in direct contrast to Regulator. Plus, it is a chameleon; it transitions from traditional to modern interiors seamlessly.

All of our fittings families have accessories (paper holders, towel bars, shelves and hooks) that complete the bath installation. But New Icons is more than fittings. Please call us to request a copy.


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