I am often asked to describe or define a “luxury” bath.  There is, of course, no one answer to that difficult and subjective question. But here is my opinion.  Luxury is never about how much money is spent. It is about the wise and comfortable use of proportion and scale, meticulous installation, well-articulated architectural details, functionality and the accessories used to personalize the bath. And, it doesn’t matter if the space is large or small. The important factors are: clean and classic lines, quality materials, artisanal craftsmanship, elegant and nuanced surfaces, and outstanding functionality.

The bath is a refuge from the stress and strains of our daily lives. It is the most private space in the house–a place for retreat and restoration. So, it is the experience you design into the bath that is tied to your happiness and well-being.

In addition, there are the practicalities. A short list would include: a shower that delivers the right amount of water and drains efficiently, a bath that fits your body, a sink that is the right height, and materials that are layered to perfection.

I believe that “simple and refined” are measures of luxury. I look at proportions of the various installed elements in the room and the clean definition of profiles on moldings and edges. I have a deep appreciation of materials and craftsmanship for fittings and surfaces. The goal is to develop a bath that is timeless and modern, well-edited and practical.

Here are some words and phrases to keep in mind as you design your “luxury” bath:
personal style
integration and layering of materials
functionality and comfort
uncompromising workmanship
restraint for elegant design

Finally, a luxury bath is achieved only with careful planning. Your designer or architect, your contractor and your store sales consultant all need to work as a team to help you interpret your dream bath. When the teamwork is successful, the results will be satisfying for years and years!

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