Every now and then I find a bath that resonates with me.  The pink bath in this image is one of those “vintage” images that is all too familiar to those of us of a certain age. In fact, when we founded Waterworks 40 years ago, there were countless baths that looked just like this and many were far worse.

In 1978, baths were very small and most did not have the luxury of a corner tub. But they did have 4 1/4″ tile, often pink, and nearly always with contrasting trim. While a little hard to see, the acrylic handles on the faucet and shower fitting were the height of fashion. They turned fairly grimy in no time, but their popularity continued for many years.

The other omnipresent accessory was the “built-in” paper holder. In this case, it is the contrasting ceramic type; just as popular was the metal Hallmack variety with its matching towel bars. Towels, art, plants — this homeowner is trying very hard to “decorate” her bath. And, for the period, it is well done.

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