A good beginning for the New Year and the newly re-launched THE PERFECT BATH is to think about what trends the year might yield. While I am most certainly not a trend forecaster and usually march to my own drummer, I thought I might attempt some predictions.

To help with this exercise, I called my stylish and creative friend Amy Vischio to hear her thoughts. We discussed a number of ideas, some in the “I am dreaming category” and some based in reality. Here is our consensus:

There is conversation about houses and rooms that are the “right” size. Gone are the spaces that need 4 giant sofas and many other extraneous items. “In” rooms are scaled for human beings and are warm and inviting.

I see houses and rooms that have a more simplistic approach to millwork. Even in the most classically inspired houses there is a more modern approach that still includes layering but with a cleaner aesthetic.

This is a year of more organizational systems to alleviate stress for busy lives. These organizational tools maximize space and create clarity around storage. Think about jewelry stations, closet rooms with clear and defined hanging spaces and linen closets where sets of sheets and towels are arranged for easy access.

Different metals and material are mixing together in interesting and creative ways. The era of “matching sets” is over. This is a move toward a greater expression of personal style and taste. Vintage pieces easily mix with modern, and the result is a compatible style with lines and ideas that are fresh and inspired.

This is a year to celebrate handmade. I mean handmade tile, glass, ceramics, furniture, objects and the incredible artisans who chose to follow their dreams and work independently to create one of a kind pieces.

I hope that you will share your thoughts about trends for 2012 or at least ideas for directional forecasts. It will be fun to look back in 11 months and see if our collective crystal ball is clear.


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