California-based designer, Tim Clarke, gets to create baths (and houses for that matter) with spectacular settings, often near the ocean. He uses the incredible views, natural colors and material surroundings as his inspiration. In his work, he creates a design dynamic by balancing inside and outside environments and by creating a sense of place.

Essentially, the integration of the interior and exterior is used as artwork in his baths. As seen in this image, the view is framed with a square window so that the proportions of the sky and sand read as an abstract canvas. He deliberately selects and layers materials for his distinctive choices and to fill the space with character.

Central to Tim’s design philosophy is the view that the bath is not a room simply to visit, but one that is fully inhabited. He creates an experience for his clients. The images on the mood boards in his office become the aids and cues to help clients imagine how they will live, both aesthetically and functionally.

In Tim’s world, the bath is a total and timeless composition. He works on all of the elements at one time so the result is one cohesive idea.





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