A visit to Thomas Pheasant’s office in Washington reveals his style and passions.

The walk up the dark block sandstone entrance with its black door and white corbels is a foil for the rather industrial interior with exposed duct work, tall ceilings, clean white walls and dark (and very tidy) work stations.  Upon opening the door, there is nothing to distract your eye from the furniture (designed by Tom) that is beautifully displayed in the front axis of the office. Clearly, the craft and collaboration with the finest artisans who shape and sculpt his designs is an immense source of satisfaction.

His work is explored in the new book, THOMAS PHEASANT, SIMPLY SERENE. His style is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary and always serene. His interiors are a blend of classical elements, such as pilasters, moldings, paneling and garlands, and modern details including translucent glass, hand-hammered bronze and comfort. Achieving the correct form, proportion and space is an important expression of his interiors that allows people to think, breathe and evolve. His style includes giving space to each object so that it presents itself while contributing to the whole of the room. A pair of Mapplethorpe photos and a perfect succulent can be enough to let the eye focus on sculptural forms, fabric details, great art and exquisite placement.

Thomas Pheasant says that the most wonderful thing about his job is that it’s not just his job: it is his life. He uses his experiences to take chances and push boundaries while feeling absolutely secure that his work is rooted in something solid and timeless. Thomas, the unabashed lover of all things neutral (ivory is his favorite palette), listens carefully to his clients and gives them rooms that reflect their desires and personalities and, at the same time, offer a real sense of tranquility.



Thomas Pheasant: Simply Serene

by Thomas Pheasant

Hardcover: 336 pages

Publisher: Rizzoli (October 8, 2013)

ISBN-10: 0847840816

ISBN-13: 978-0847840816


Thomas Pheasant Inc
1029 33rd St NW
Washington, DC 20007

(202) 337-6596



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