As I continue to share images from The Perfect Bath, I want to be sure I touch on the many different expressions of the word “perfect”. The spaces can be small and intimate or grand. They can be clad in actively figured marble or simple white subway tile. The bath can have decorative chandeliers or functional high hats. But, the most important thing about a perfect bath is how it makes you feel; you need to define the the refreshing and relaxing experience of your dreams.

Clearly, the bath designed by Beth Webb in Atlanta must be a dream (perfect) bath. Personally, I find the large windows, that allow natural light to stream in, an extraordinarily desirable feature of this remarkable bath. So many wonderful choices have been made and all contribute to the pleasing balance, proportion and scale. We can start with the view through the garden facing arched windows. Their height, framed by soft draperies, accentuates the scale for both the windows and the room. The floor, set with large hexagon limestone tiles and dark cabochons, gives the room a Provencal feel and the reproduction tub with its burnished exterior makes the room feel soft! It is this great layering of hard and soft, warm and cool, stylish but not formal that makes the design of this space so compelling.

Art on the walls, a visitor’s chair and a small tub table feel so luxurious. This space is the ultimate “perfect bath”; it is traditional but updated with a fresh palette of cream, gray and white, a lovely view into the garden, amazing natural light, the right choice of tub fitting to accentuate the traditional style of the space and how it fits within the context of the larger adjacencies.

Kudos to Beth and my appreciation to her for submitting this wonderful bath for The Perfect Bath.

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