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I was recently asked what I would do in my master bath if there was not room for both a tub and a shower. Would I consider showering in the tub?  The answer is a resounding NO. And my rationale was confirmed the other night when I stayed in a hotel in Boston where I had to shower in the tub.

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Though they’re used in the bath today, exposed thermostatic shower systems were originally designed for factories where precise temperatures were needed for certain manufacturing processes. Of course, these older models were not cloaked in beautiful nickel-plated covers or elegant engraving. Instead, the valves were marked with settings and the operating system was easily managed with gloved hands or even elbows.

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The perfect way to start the day (after exercising, of course) is in a shower with fabulous stream of hot water pouring over your body, eyes closed, and the fragrance of aromatic soaps permeating the shower box. How dreamy, especially if you have a large shower with a place for your amenities.

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