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There is much inspiration to be found on the newsstands this fall. In the October 2015 issue of Architectural Digest, be sure to flip to the bath that Nate Berkus, the hip and talented young designer, created for his own house. I was immediately attracted to the book-matched stone feature wall.

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Occasionally, I come across a vintage bath that is so compelling I like to post a single image. In this bath for Barbara Hutton, I loved the choice of book matched marble with just the right amount of activity on the surface, the contrasting color scheme, the classical ornamentation on the soffit over the tub and the brass tub fittings. Great design choices never go out of style.

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A bath with a masculine orientation is more about grooming than primping. There will not be any dressing tables, fluffy rugs or soft colors and trays of cosmetics.  I imagine a man’s bath will use rich polished wood for furniture or decorative accessories, dark colors from gray to brown and beautifully figured or textured stone.

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This is a wonderful room for many reasons, but I have focused specifically on the fireplace. Rarely do I see a fireplace using directional stone and one that is so bold. The gray and white marble, called Zephyr, is quarried in Turkey. Rather than just face the firebox with a ubiquitous stone, this installation shows how slabs have been layered for a simple but architectural installation. The fireplace, along with the modern furniture, choice of paint and objects makes this focal point of the space well integrated into a holistic design.

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