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I certainly do not know how to install tile. However, I do know a really good installation when I see one. I look for tight grout joints, carefully calculated and pre-planned cuts so there are no unsightly shapes in the grid and finally, in the case of ceramic tile, the use of correct trimmers. This edition of The Perfect Bath is about the very special tile pieces that are available to create an impeccable installation.

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I always worry that not enough emphasis is placed on the choice of grout color for either ceramic tile or stone. Grout choice is a key element to affect the final outcome of an installation. And not incidentally, it acts as a moisture barrier so that water does not seep behind the tiles creating a mold situation or damage the ceiling below. So, it is very important that the grout choice not be left to the contractor; it is a choice to be made thoughtfully and long before the tile is installed.

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