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The overall success of any project lies in the details. And, one of the details that can most easily derail a tile installation is the choice of grout color. For some reason, the grout color selection is often left to the last minute. The installer, already on the job, makes the decision. While there is no right or wrong grout color and the choice is a matter of personal preference, some colors ultimately look better than others (a lot better!). For many years I suggested a nearly matching color grout, especially when installing white tile. Recently, I have found that light or dark gray grout can look great in some installations. We call that our ‘old New York’ look.


I always worry that not enough emphasis is placed on the choice of grout color for either ceramic tile or stone. Grout choice is a key element to affect the final outcome of an installation. And not incidentally, it acts as a moisture barrier so that water does not seep behind the tiles creating a mold situation or damage the ceiling below. So, it is very important that the grout choice not be left to the contractor; it is a choice to be made thoughtfully and long before the tile is installed.

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