After a couple of weeks of inspiration and party posts, we are back to talking about the bath!

Storage is at the top of my list of priorities when creating a new bath or remodeling an existing one.  Good design decisions include the meticulous balance of practical considerations and design dynamics.  Insufficient storage, for example,  for the necessities of daily life in  a small space (or even a large one) undermines the most beautifully designed bath.  The simple solution to this accumulation of “stuff” from worn out towels to unused toiletries, bright pink lipstick to 5 tubes of almost used toothpaste, is a monthly edit.  I realize that is more easily said than done but it is the secret to loving you new bath forever.

A master plan for storage is a critical component to the successful outcome of your project.  There is always a built-in closet in the space or one in a near-by hall, but recessed open storage shelves can be very attractive and fun to arrange, adequate towel bars for anyone who is using the space help keep towels off the floor, while my personal favorite is vintage cabinetry either floor or wall mounted. Glass shelves are visually pleasing though more decorative than practical and beautiful baskets add texture and color while hiding that ubiquitous roll of toilet paper and extra towels as well as dirty laundry.

There are so many ways to keep the bath neat and we’ll talk about them often. I selected a few of my favorite storage options to share with you and hope you will send me your creative examples as well.

For more information on the featured Waterworks products, check out the Legion Etagere, Rattan collection, and Modern Glass collection. All are available through our online store.

Images courtesy of: Waterworks Inventing Bath Style, Studio Anetta Blog, Kitchen and Bath Ideas, and The Luxury Bathroom by Samantha Nestor

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