On March 3rd I decided I needed a learning journey and took myself to the Armory Art Show, an international art fair that is a great cultural event in New York. The fair spotlights about 300 galleries from all over the world. Though I did not have time to attend anything but the shows, there are art tours, lectures and panels, receptions, open galleries—especially all over Chelsea—and with the right card, visits to private collections.

The galleries showed the most important established, mid-career and emerging artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. As you can imagine, there were collectors, curators, critics, artists and just interested parties (me) who made their way to New York to participate in Armory Arts Week.

There were works in every medium; from paintings, drawings, photographs and videos to sculptural forms and text based art that explored the relationship between language and visual presentation. I found some contemporary favorites such as Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin (a series of about 25 elegant pencil drawings), Robert Raushenberg, and two wonderful Mapplethorpe photographs. I loved two works by the Starn brothers of the Big Bambu exhibition and two photographs of the exhibition taken by a photographer unknown to me.

Attending an art show is about being open minded, seeing new things, absorbing colors, textures, surfaces and three dimensional objects. It broadens the mind and refreshes the palette and the spirit. If you decide to go next year, and I highly recommend it, you can be one of about 60,000 attendees. The gallery personnel are there to educate as well as to sell and all were friendly and informative. I had a great but exhausting day. Next year I will wear running shoes!

All photos were taken with my iPhone. Another reminder for next year: Take a better camera.

Next week I will be in Frankfurt attending the International Sanitary Fair so I am taking a week off from TPB. See you again on March 24th.


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