It is my never ending challenge to find perfect seating for the bath.  The chairs are often over scaled and the stools too small and precious.  You can imagine my surprise when I visited the elegant showroom of George Cameron Nash in Dallas this October and found not one, but five candidates for the “perfect perch”.  George’s showroom is visually pleasing on every level and easy to navigate.  The furniture and fabrics are displayed by collection and George always adds his own personal touch to make each piece appealing.  George either adds a pop of color (Chinese red is his personal favorite) in the form of decorative pillows, or upholsters in well coordinated collections of patterns.

A comfortable place to sit in the bath should be an important consideration as you are planning your space.  It is great to sit down and towel off after a shower.  It is also relaxing to have a comfortable place to sit when visiting with a partner or spouse while he or she is soaking in the tub.  We say often that the bath is the one place in the house where you are encouraged to close and lock the door.  That shared moment of privacy can elevate your complete bath experience, especially with a notable chair.

The chairs that I spotted in the George Cameron Nash showroom had several admirable characteristics.  First, the scale was perfect.  Second, the fabrics were delicious, and finally, the details were reminiscent of couture fashion.  There were deep pleats, elegant closures, beautiful bows and cords designed to be viewed front and back.

Clearly, not every bath has room for a decorative chair.  Well designed stools function really well also.  They can be metal, teak, or Lucite—rectangular, round or square.  The fabric upholstery is where these small items can become chic or glamorous depending on the color, pattern or texture you select.  There are so many fabrics that are suitable for damp environments, and color in small doses can transform or balance the bath.

Let me know what you think and please submit pictures of your favorite chairs so that I can share them with my readers.



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