Finally, the holidays are past, the parties a distant memory and now you can begin your winter home improvements. A good place to start is the bathroom. The planning process for a small refresh of any room is an exercise in organization, decision making, and investigation. The best results always come from taking your time and thoroughly defining the practical considerations and design dynamics of the space you are planning to overhaul.

While a simple coat of paint may do the trick in a dated bath and make you feel better every time you enter, the space most likely will benefit from some additional amenities. For example, a new shower curtain instead of tacky rumpled glass shower doors might hide tile that is clearly in need of being replaced. Shower curtains, as much as paint or wallpaper, can add color, pattern or texture. They can make a space feel more modern or more traditional. Just paint and a new curtain are a great start; both are inexpensive and possibly dramatic.

The next step is to consider the lighting. Very often dated baths have fluorescent lights that give a yellow glare – or even worse – the “Hollywood” bank of bare bulbs. Banish both of these options in favor of clean ceiling lights and decorative sconces. Your choice of sconces can set the tone for the style of decoration you are attempting to achieve. A bright or matte nickel finish will add just the right amount of design and may be the first step toward future replacement of fittings.

The next step is to replace all of the towel bars or towel rings. The finish should match the lights, and the back plates should be part of your attempt to direct the space to be modern or traditional. The reason for new towel bars is for the display of the new towels that you are going to purchase. New towels feel so great and can change the bath from blah to beautiful. I love to layer colors and sizes of towels for the greatest effect. In fact, the right layering can be as wonderful as adding a picture or print to the space.

That brings up the next part of the refresh. Add some pictures. If you have the patience, poke around antiques shops and flea markets. You will be surprised at the hidden gems at very reasonable prices. After all, this is a damp environment and you do not want some priceless piece of art that might get ruined.

Baskets for storage and trash work very well in a bath. There are many different types of weaves and many colors as well. Toilet paper disguised in basket is much more attractive than leaving the rolls exposed on the floor. Towels also benefit from being carefully rolled in a basket.

Layer in other materials and shapes to express your own style preferences. White onyx boxes or teak wood trays help corral perfume bottles, moisturizer and lipstick. Settled together in boxes or trays the bath feels much neater and functional, and what’s more, your “stuff” will be at your fingertips.

Brooke Gianetti of the Velvet and Linen blog is a master at the art of refresh. You can see what she did to her bath when her kids were at camp last summer.


Fan Waterworks

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