The preparation for launch of the R.W. Atlas fittings and District Tile has been a major team effort here at Waterworks. We are so pleased to introduce our friends and clients to our newest initiative that includes fittings for the bath and kitchen, accessories, a washstand and District Tile. For more than two years we collaborated with the design firm of Roman and Williams to create products that were inspired by precision-crafted goods from the past including microscopes, the Leica camera or the bezel of a Rolex sub-mariner watch. The results are designs that are not specific to any one historical period, but enjoy a familiarity with many objects from our past. This is a strictly American and original design sensibility, inspired by historic details but expressed in a modern way.

The industrial inspiration for the R.W Atlas fittings provided the context for a line with expert detailing and powerful shapes. The scale is robust and the iconography strong.The inventive textures and the new process for creating them, and the elegant contours could only be achieved by skilled artisans and expert craftsmanship. This is a memorable line with compelling attributes.

District Tile comes to life through its rich glazes, lustrous surface and exploration of color. The intentional pooling of the  transparent glaze results in subtle color variation. Architectural trimmers are used as building blocks and can be adapted for many architectural conditions. The two body types are included in the line; Modulus, a precise squared edged field, and Classic with soft round shoulders and a slightly undulating surface are available in 12 sizes. This studio crafted ceramic tile provides the perfect backdrop for the R.W. Atlas aesthetic.

The R.W. Atlas products are refined and totally original. Its’ development with Roman and Williams has been a compelling collaboration that ¬†combined found objects re-invented with an eye toward the future with Waterworks commitment to design, authenticity and innovation.

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