Nothing about a kitchen renovation is exactly quick. Planning takes time. Selecting products thoughtfully takes time. Assembling and checking the order takes time, and is as essential as hiring the contractor. Interviews need to be scheduled, contracts reviewed and a project plan created.

However, with all of these processes in place, a remodel should be an easy fix for an outdated kitchen. Below are possible fixes to improve the function, design and decoration of your kitchen.

1. Toss or store every non-essential item in your cabinets in an accessible place (if you haven’t used it a year, relegate it to the donation pile or a storage closet).

2. Remove everything from the insides of the cabinets and thoroughly scrub and possibly paint them (preferably a color).

3. Carefully clean and polish wood cabinets, or select a color to paint the existing ones.

4. Ask yourself if you need all of the upper cabinets; perhaps open shelves will open up the space.

5. Hardware is a quick fix for any built-in or cabinet — go bold!

6. A new countertop is a great facelift option; my personal preference is for stone.

7. Updated appliances make a kitchen feel new, and usually improve the functionality of the space.

8. A new and large kitchen sink is part of the facelift proposition. Large and deep stainless steel single or double (my personal preference) or white fireclay farmhouse sinks are good options.

9. A fabulous backsplash is a must, and there are many surface choices. From handmade ceramic tile to red clay, hand painted, marble or cement, the backsplash is a highly individual statement of your personal style. Choose the grout color with great care, and set the tiles with small joints.

10. Lighting is a key component of a remodel, from under counter or pendants to chandeliers or ceiling mounted. There are some fabulous choices, whether practical or decorative.

11. Remember that details make the difference between an ok remodel and a truly satisfying one (light switches need to be changed, existing floors scrubbed, new window treatments or maybe new chairs).

12. Finally, select some great new accessories: clear glass storage containers, great new cutting boards, fabulous large pottery bowls, new dish towels.

13. I forgot to mention one of the most rewarding essentials of a remodel: a new kitchen faucet. It can determine the design style of your newly renovated space. Select a faucet that is the right scale and finish and feels good in your hand. Remember: Form and function must be compatible.

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