I love small shops whose owners so tastefully decorate for the holidays. This past weekend I went back to the Privet House in Warren, Ct to find a couple of last minute gifts and was delighted to see the shop looking so festive. There were great gift ideas for everyone on your list from the dog to the smallest child.

While it might be a little late for this year, unless you live in Connecticut, there are great ideas for the future.  I especially liked the red glass dishes and the decorated chandelier over the table. Hotel silver is not expensive and makes a sparkling gift if packaged with some greenery. And, my favorite apothecary jars from my last visit have been re-merchandised and are as appealing as ever.

You can never go wrong with a lovely ornament or two, especially vintage ones, and there were lots of them to be found here. Privet House also has a great selection of vintage books (I just bought a great one for a designer friend) on fashion and decorating. Vintage books, in fact books of all sorts, are always appreciated.

Make the holiday special with one special gift from a shop you love.

I send you good wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Happy Holidays.


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