I am honored to be the recipient of a boxed, numbered and signed copy of Suzanne Lovell’s new book ARTISTIC INTERIORS: Designing with Fine Art Collections published by Stewart Tabori & Chang. Suzanne is an architect, interior designer and the principal of Chicago-based Suzanne Lovell, Inc. Her work is familiar to readers of Architectural Digest, House Beautiful and Veranda.

The book features hundreds of glorious full color photographs that clearly establish the importance of integrating architecture, sophisticated materials, and fine art into interiors–including examples from her own home. Suzanne’s interiors are timeless, elegant and refined. They are created as a platform for the placement and integration of art into the living environment. As Suzanne says, her “couture” environments express the special personalities of the individuals for whom their  firm works. She hopes to capture the spirit of the residents and make their houses into true and genuine homes.

Central to her success in creating “artistic interiors” is the pleasure of getting to know her clients. While her goal is to make everything perfect, the final result is a true and livable home where velvet ropes are not placed around precious objects. She interprets the personal vision of her clients so the combination of art and appropriate furnishings form the heart of an approachable environment.

From grand apartments in high-rises to Victorian houses, modern lakefront houses to in-town duplexes, from spontaneous and flexible, to fearless or buttoned up, Suzanne’s clients are willing partners in the design experience. There is a resonant glamour in these original spaces for both family comfort and public entertainment. The success of Suzanne’s interiors is based on the trust and respect she develops with her fortunate clients.
Barbara Sallick

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