Last week I went to The Hickory Stick Bookshop, my very favorite book store, in Washington Depot, CT. They have a delightful and personal inventory that always includes the latest books on design. Waiting for me on the shelf was a new book by Shax Riegler; 813 colorful, wonderful dinner plates. Despite the fact that most of my own dinnerware is white or cream, I love decorated plates. They bring design, color and drama to the dining table says Shax, whose day job is Features editorEat House Beautiful.

People have been eating off of dishes for nearly as long as humans have been sitting down for dinner. However, the styles of these objects have been at the crossroads of design and function since they were invented. Dinnerware history has evolved from the sharing of plates to rules of etiquette from the French courts of the 16th century. As the rituals of dining became more expansive in the mid-19th century the need for many more types of dishes became necessary.

They have been made of pewter, silver, ceramic and wood but always a flatfish disc as a resting place for food. I have always loved the 18th century Chinese export porcelain (absolutely not dishwasher safe) with its elegant hand decoration often with monograms and Canton china all in blue and white from the same period. From children’s dishes to holiday, nature inspired to man’s best friend, there is no design that has not been interpreted on a dish.

This book may change your dining habits. It is really charming.


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