I’ve made a decision: A little drama in the bath is a very good thing. Everyone knows I’m a proponent of white baths — and there are so many exquisite ones — but somehow a bath clad in dark tile or paint just feels new and exciting. Perhaps a better way to describe it would be romantic, or maybe even moody.

One of the most remarkable attributes of a stunning dark color is its ability to camouflage a bath’s unremarkable architecture and disguise the flaws in a room. I particularly like the corresponding dark, rich-colored ceramic tile. Tile with beautiful pooling glaze adds depth and a reflective quality to a wall or a shower, and allows color to undulate over the expanse of the installation.

Speaking of moods, yours could change. If you opt for dark walls, I suggest that you select the floor carefully. It’s important to not overpower the room, lest it feel like a cave. Should you prefer tile, keep in mind that this kind of installation is permanent. Paint, on the other hand, can be changed at will.

A good place to start the design for going dark is to test paint colors and live with them for awhile. Choose a small powder room and experiment. You might be equally excited.

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