Gary McBournie simply loves color! In fact, his favorite neutral is orange and before that it was red.  Beige is not part of his vocabulary unless he changes the tone to sand or cream.

In his new book, Living Color: A Designer Works Magic with Traditional Interiors, Gary shares the early influences on his work, from his first love of art projects and archeology to his first employer and mentor, Richard Fitzgerald of Boston. Travel is a constant source of inspiration as are movies from the 30s and 40s, especially those that revealed elegant lifestyles featuring glamorous clothes, sweeping staircases, black and white floors and fluted pilasters.

Other influences that have long shaped his interiors include a love of nature, the texture and colors of the changing seasons, cityscapes with their myriad architectural details and the island of Nantucket with its historic houses and acid green and deep blue colors of the water. The result is work that is intuitive, multilayered, textured and colorful. It resonates with saturation, detail, art, warmth, tradition and most importantly, comfort.

Bright and beautiful photographs throughout the book illustrate how Gary, like a painter, takes a sophisticated and balanced approach to combining and layering colors. It is easy to see how he has created so many devoted clients throughout his colorful career.



Living Color: A Designer Works Magic with Traditional Interiors

Authors: Gary McBournie and William Richards

Pointed Leaf Press (July 16, 2013)

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