I am most certainly NOT a lighting expert so my comments in this category are more practical that educated. But there is one thing I know for certain; you can never have too much light in your bath for applying makeup, taking out splinters and all those other eye straining rituals. It is a great bonus if your bath has natural light.  You can enjoy the seasonal shifts from bright morning light in the spring and summer to soft evening light in the fall and winter.

In rooms with little or no direct light, reflective materials like tile, polished stone, mirrors and glass accessories, help imitate natural light.

I recommend installing more light than you think you will need in the ceiling as either high hats or surface mounted ceiling fixtures.  But be sure to add a dimmer switch.  Around your mirror you should install transparent and stable light so that you can accurately see your skin tone when you apply foundation or blush or for a clean shave.  Basic overhead lights will pitch shadows over the face at the mirror so here is where decorative sconces on either side or directly over the mirror will take away shadows and correct any glare.

Decorative sconces, in addition to adding light, offer the opportunity for creating an elegant environment. The fixtures can have nickel frames and antique mirrors or transparent hand blown glass with Edison bulbs in many different finishes. Your choice should reflect the general design direction of the room.

Finally, my favorite bathroom tool is a lighted magnifying mirror. Failing eyesight makes this wonderful accessory a necessity.

I have included a few images of lights from our new collection that includes wall sconces, pendants and ceiling fixtures.  Each one uses a different type of bulb from halogen to incandescent to xenon, which will shed varying amounts of light.  I think pendants look great in the bath and offer a different kind of light from the usual sconces.

The right lighting fixtures add an individual perspective to the space and a high level of design. Choose them carefully.

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Images from: American Modern by Thomas O’Brien and Lonny Magazine.

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