Accessories truly complete any room in a home. They provide a personal narrative about the things you love, whether practical, beautiful or sentimental. Accessories appropriate for display can be anything from trinkets gathered on travels to precious heirlooms or useful store-bought everyday items.

In my own house, we display our collection of 17th and 18th century brass candlesticks. They all have different profiles and heights and the patina varies, but when placed on a shelf or table they represent a lifelong collection and provide for interesting conversation. I enjoy reflecting on each piece’s place of origin, inspiration and regional characteristics.

This same philosophy is true for new bath and kitchen accessories. Bowls, cutting boards, canisters, copper pots, trays, cups covered jars, metal, marble, pottery and wood are all fair game. Like my candlesticks, the trick is to find some relationship between items so they blend seamlessly into the decoration of the space and the tableau does not look like simply you could not find room in a cabinet. Look for richness of materials, which will add dimension to a bath or kitchen and also lends a practical air to beautiful things.

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