There is never a dull moment in New York from the second I step off the train into the throngs of people to the mad dash to the subway and push myself into the car. However, a week or so ago I had a new experience in our 58th Street showroom. We were quietly working away when the alarms in our building started screeching.  Because this is New York, everyone carried on as if nothing was wrong.  We all covered our ears with our hands, “kept calm and carried on”. However, it was not long before the incessant alarm was too much and clients began exiting and all the rest of us decided we should get out too. All of the building’s occupants emptied on to the street (thankfully on a warm sunny day) and before long two gigantic fire engines came flying on to 58th Street.

Countless fireman swarmed the building, carrying about 70 pounds of equipment, and headed for the steam valve in the basement. They emerged 5 minutes later with an all clear. I cannot imagine how they navigated the New York traffic as quickly as they did.  It was quite the event and I am happy to say, all’s well. I photographed the activity and am posingt the pics here for fun.

While writing about this experience, I thought it would be interesting to post some architecturally significant fire houses to complete the experience.

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