Whenever I’m traveling between meetings or en route to our Waterworks showroom, I am obsessed with taking photographs of New York from every angle. From the street there are always surprises in small bites. But even views from 20 floors up capture long vistas and exploit the density of the city. I use only my iPhone for these photo ops, and am amazed by the quality of the images.

Recently, I took photos from the offices of the architectural firm Shelton, Mindel & Associates on West 22nd Street, and from the RAMSA (Robert A.M. Stern Architects) office on West 34th Street, which has a wraparound terrace with amazing vistas of the congested Hudson River, Palisades, Statue of Liberty, Governors Island and Wall Street. I simply could not put my phone back in my pocket, because the views were so stunning. Depending on my angle and the exact timing, capturing the light just so transformed the cityscape palette from ochre to red, and from pale silvery gray to blue.

I keep these images in what I call my “inspiration bank,” which I encourage everyone to do whether they’re renovating a room in their home or simply love beautiful design. The photographs are not for anything in particular, but you never know when such visually striking mementos will help with design thinking when considering scale, proportion, color and density, as well as architecture.

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