We were so honored when Dennis Wedlick of Dennis Wedlick Architects of Hudson, NY and New York City asked us to participate in a project that he was passionate about. He was going to partner with Bill Stratton Building Company of Chatham, NY and Sciame Developers to build a PASSIVE house. This house would reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, have a near zero carbon footprint, heat and cool itself passively and use a fraction of energy without sacrificing an ounce of comfort, style or good design.

The house is 1,650 square feet, has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and resides on five acres in Claverack, New York. It is a timber frame structure with a barn inspired shape—part of the architectural vernacular of upstate New York—and a south facing wall of glass. Its German “Passivhaus” model relies on super insulated, virtually airtight construction, which is built to a rigorous standard and will reduce heat-energy consumption by up to 90%.

This was a very tall order, yet everyone who was involved in the project took on the challenge and became committed to its success, from the contractor to the cabinetmaker, the engineers, carpenters and tile installers.

The Hudson Passive Project is an “energy conservation project, a prototype of a home-of-tomorrow”. As Dennis said, it is a house of modest volume, high quality materials, one that delivers good value through efficient, practical and expressive design functionality. A good home, according to Dennis, is one that is better built, healthier and in harmony with its surroundings. He and his team have built a house that is the prototype of the picturesque home of tomorrow.

CHEERS to the HUDSON PASSIVE HOUSE team. You have achieved your goal!!

For more information about the Passive solar house, contact Dennis Wedlick Architects, NYC.




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