I believe that the perfect bath should be defined by how it makes you feel. Your starting place, or inspiration, should come from the experience you want to create.  The first place to look is you; think about the colors that you like because your choices will have profound results, your sense of order and refinement or your uncanny ability to bring the perfect amount of chaos to a situation, the amount of light that hides your wrinkles and your psychic comfort.   If you’re a music lover you should plan for some good equipment and It’s always lovely to have a favorite piece of art or a place for a vase of flowers in the space.

There are so many sources for design inspiration. Travel with a camera reveals so many details from color and texxture to architecture and materials. Recording and then organizing images for future reference brings back memories and becomes a great source of inspiration.

I used to think that shelter magazines were the source of all design inspiration.  I would meticulously pull pages and organize them in categories; baths, kitchens, color combinations, patterns, patina, mirrors, lights, chairs etc.  I now find fashion magazines, museums, farmers markets, flea markets, travel and architecture broaden my perspective.  My trusty point and shoot camera has yielded countless ideas. But that was before the internet made such an impact on all of our lives.

The main thing is to make the room your own.  Give it confidence and personality and the design the experience. I recommend that you make your wish list and your budget.  Have a reason for every decision and all of your choices will follow a natural progression. Embrace a sensibility that is most pleasing to you from classic to cutting edge.


by BGS

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