Several months ago I wrote about my favorite shop in Paris, Muriel Grateau. I, clearly, am not the only one to find her and her shop an inspiration. Last Saturday the WSJ Off Duty section did an interview: 20 Odd Questions with Muriel Grateau.  I have attaching a link to the article and reposted my own:

I love window shopping in Paris. There are a few places that are always a must see. Arnys men’s shop at 14, rue de Sevres has the most colorful men’s clothes with outfits carefully curated in green, pink, purple, yellow and occasionally a tame beige. The windows of the shops on Rue de Siene always have beautiful antiques from all over the world and from many centuries. Nose to glass, there is much to see. And, not to be missed is the Hermes shop on rue St. Honore or the newest outpost on rue de Sevres across the street from Arnys. The windows are sophisticated, colorful and tell great stories that provoke wishful thinking.

But my personal favorite shop is MURIEL GRATEAU at 37, rue de Beaune. The shop has a classically framed storefront painted rich deep blackish green with beautiful graphics on the windows and above the entrance. The space is a simple rectangle with a short set of stairs leading to a small upper level with bare white painted walls covering ancient stones and providing texture. What is completely captivating and inspiring are the individual displays of table settings. Ms. Grateau sells incredible dishes and the most extraordinary palette of napkins (100 shades to be exact), place mats and table runners. She also has an edited assortment of silverware, and Venetian glasses. But, it is her combinations that would make any dinner party a memorable experience, no matter what the menu.

Mme. Grateau herself has had a varied career in design; first in Italian ready to wear and then taking that expertise to marry fashion, accessories and the art of entertaining. She clearly has an individual and focused style that is about living and dining well. You will not be disappointed when you visit her shop. The hardest part will be walking out without spending your life savings.

If you go, please send her my regards. She is charming, particularly if you speak French. Happy shopping!!

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