I don’t like to use this blog as a platform for promoting products from Waterworks. But, yesterday I was in our 58th Street showroom and there were so many great gift and hostess ideas that I thought I should share them with you. I, personally, spend way too much time thinking about the perfect gift and then have to scurry at the last moment. So here are some never fail suggestions available in the Waterworks stores or online.

There is nothing like some fragrant new soap or shower gel to change your bathing or showering experience. A lovely aroma can be soothing and refreshing with echos of honey, lemon, camellias or lavender. A small, beautifully wrapped box of French milled soaps that includes a soft bath brush is a memorable gift.

After your relaxing shower or bath what could be more divine than wrapping yourself in towels of the finest 100% Egyptian cotton that are both soft and absorbent. One time drying with our Gotham towels and you will be hooked; there are no other towels that compare to the luxurious way they feel next to your body. These beautiful towel – with matching or contrasting edge banding – are both a unique gift and a thoughtful one. It is the kind of present that one might not purchase for oneself, but certainly, are most welcome from a friend.

The Gotham terry robe is another spectacular gift. I’m sure you have wanted to stay wrapped and warm after your shower and this robe is just the perfect gift suitable for the man or woman in your life. You can select contrasting black trim (crisp and masculine) or matching white.

Baskets initially packed with towels and soaps and other bath amenities can be re-purposed later for magazines, toys and office supplies. We now have these lovely rattan baskets in small and large sizes and three colors.

One can never have too many great candles. I love them in the guest powder bath when we entertain or in the entry any time. It is wonderful to enter a house and have the fragrance of Lavender, Camellia Leaf or Grenadine Blossoms flow through the space. It makes a house feel welcoming and friendly. Of course, several candles for atmosphere, dim lights and a long soak in the tub transport you miles away.

I hope that these ideas help you with last minute gifts for that person who is so hard to please and already has one of everything.

Happy Holidays,
bsallick@waterworks.com or find me on Facebook

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