I always visit the shop EGG when I am in London.  I love the visuals of the shop and its location on Kinnerton Street, Belgravia. What a surprise to find another incredible shop on the same street tucked behind a beautiful near black facade. Rachel Vosper, the shop owner, is a skilled and experienced candle maker. One look at her elegant and refined shop and you know you have stepped into a very special place with the charming owner quietly working on a farm house table in the back.

Rachel started her candle making career in the Caribbean where she was mentored by Chandler, David Constable. She has an enviable list of clients from US Presidents to international dignitaries and celebrities. This small and exclusive operation gives her the opportunity to introduce new fragrances seasonally and new designs as she is inspired. Additionally, Rachel is willing to create a scent specially for you and pour it into a favorite container. Of course, only the finest European sourced ingredients are used. And, while Rachel is involved in every step of the process, she has skilled artisans to help her.

Additionally, the shop itself is charming.  Housed in a lovely old building with two fireplaces, crisp white walls, antique objects and unusual shop fittings, it is both spare and warm.

She kindly invited me to attend one of her candle making classes where she teaches the basic skills for candle making at home. Next time, perhaps. This is a must visit location on your next trip to London!!

Rachel Vosper

69 Kinnerton Street

London, SW1X8ED

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