The Empire tub is the focal point in this space. It reads as a piece of sculpture, filling the window bay.  It is framed by the soft and simple curtains;  the visual height of the ceiling is captured by the tall spare tree and the nearly transparent chandelier.  There is no question that the space is enlivened by the patterned red rug. The rug is a bold statement with traditional overtones. It feels like just the right amount of decoration.






This photo was featured in House Beautiful Magazine. Designed by Betsy Burnham.

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model, You may want to tint the windows in the back of the minivan if you plan to sleep in public areas, Logan work has appeared in Boston area online magazines, L ann 2000 a marqu un tournant d pour la d en Europe, de l Acad des sciences autrichienne.

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GPS may be a time saver when traveling on business.
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