Generally, I am not a fan of “vanities”. They often look like kitchen cabinets that have been transported into the bath. I fully understand their practical aspects; much needed storage, counter tops for amenities, decorative hardware, space fillers… However, what I prefer is something that looks more like furniture and is more compatible with furniture in the adjacent rooms.

Stylistically, furniture can define a room and especially the bath; traditional English, French or American, country chic, beach casual, industrial or mid century modern. Furniture can have elegantly polished wood finishes, causal painted surfaces or patinated vintage materials such as iron or metal and artisanal craftsmanship . New or old, many pieces of furniture can be adapted for sinks and faucets. They can work with the architecture of the bath, have elegant ornamentation either carved or painted, beautifully turned legs and pleasing shapes.

So before taking the easy route and choosing a “vanity”, have a look around and find a piece of furniture you can adapt or select a piece from our Waterworks assortment. You will totally transform the space.

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