Light in any part of the house is essential, of course. But in the bath, where you need light for close up activities like applying makeup and shaving, lovely mood lighting will be pretty but ineffective as the only light source. There are many different types of lights to consider as you plan your bath; “high hats” or recessed lights, surface mounted ceiling lights, lamps, chandeliers, pendants and finally sconces. In the world of the bath, several of these types of lights can be used simultaneously even in small spaces. But, after the ambient choices have been decided, it is the decorative lighting that adds style and design to the bath.

It is important in the first stage of a plan to assess the amount of natural light that flows into the space. When that analysis is complete and you know the shading from morning until night, you can then engineer a lighting plan with the correct amount of wattage. The best advice I was ever given about bathroom lighting was not to skimp. A dimmer or different bulb option can always be installed but there are only expensive remedies for inadequate lighting.

Sconces are most often installed on either side of a mirror, or at least in the vicinity of the sink. Their purpose is not to light the room, but to add soft illumination to the space. Their design can add an element of elegance or surprise to the bath. They can have tiny lampshades or clear glass cylinders, or hanging crystals and elegant flourishes for period charm. They can be new or old (properly rewired of course) and in countless finishes. Also, your choice of sconces should not be considered in isolation from decorative choices of color and texture.

So, it is okay to choose a light because you love the way it looks, but make sure it does the job effectively. Style statements are fine, but do your homework on the many new bulbs that are available and on the other sources of light in your room so your choices will improve your mood and sense of well being in your bath.

And, don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room!


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