Blue is not a color I think of often. The only shade of it I wear is navy and I never use it in decorating.  Recently, however, I have seen some inspirational blues in powder baths,  delicious dark and slightly mysterious shades in dining rooms  and as accents in other spaces. My new interest in blue started during a recent visit to one of my favorite shops in London, Egg. The shop is housed in an old dairy and the walls are clad in the original blue tiles from the early 20th century. With this image in mind, I started looking for other inspiring blue spaces, especially baths.

Blue has a huge range and is very versatile; it can be cool, calm and restful, bold or neutral. Blue can have a soothing quality that is ideal for the comforting environments we hope to achieve in a spa bath. On the other hand, blues can be electric, dramatic and dynamic, just as they were when created from the indigo plant in the 14th century. Blue is also mentioned in the old testament as a rare and special color. Clearly the color spans a host of variations. Taking a cue from fashion, blue is associated with denim that can look washed and worn or dark and crisp.  It is great to use warming devices with blue such as white trim or faded kiliims or blue glass accents.

Color can make a room feel uplifted and is a vital element in making it  sophisticated, optimistic or inspired. With all its variations, blue is worth a try as an accent or mood-setting color in the bath. Play with a wall of pale blue or dark trim and test your reaction. Like me, you may find it is time to reconsider the many shades of blue.

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