A summer program in architecture at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh changed the career direction of John Murray from uninspired pre-med student to architect. And, from his large and distinguished body of work, fifteen projects are presented in his new book CLASSICAL INVENTION, THE ARCHITECTURE OF JOHN MURRAY.  The book confirms my belief that Murray’s decision to immerse himself in the language of classical design was the right one–his work  has certainly enriched the lives of his patrons and clients.

His refined and nuanced buildings are expressed initially in the Beaux-Arts style of hand drawing called analytique. This method of presentation shows, in a single drawing, the concept of the plan, the elevations and a small section of architectural detail for both the interior and exterior. This depth of information, the elucidating of each component, helps clients feel secure that their vision is aligned with that of the architect.

Classical Invention is a richly photographed book showing residences from Fifth Avenue apartments to country farmhouses in New England and upstate New York. Photographs and drawings illustrate finely resolved architectural conditions that create spaces to maximize the flow of light, create clear zones for entertaining and privacy and a formal sense of progression and organization all within the classical tradition.

Throughout the book we are the privileged spectators into homes that are finely tuned and fully realized from the scale and proportion of the architectural details to the furniture and textiles often created in collaboration with some of the most noted interior designers. It is an engaging read for those interested both in Murray’s work and classical design.



Classical Invention: The Architecture of John B. Murray

By John B. Murray

The Monacelli Press (September 17, 2013)

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