When planning a master bath or one for the ‘kids’ or guests, it is logical to want built in cabinetry, often similar to that used in the kitchen. It provides a counter top and storage for towels, toiletries and other bath sundries. However, I would like to make a case for bath furniture rather than another set of cabinets or boxes with doors.

Bath furniture is a three- dimensional form that can deliver elegant silhouettes and beautiful detail to the space. Much like a free standing bathtub, a beautiful piece of furniture is the functional sculpture in the bath. Furniture can be made in many sizes with great attention to detail, rich finishes and fine craftsmanship. Really elegant and natural materials add both texture and dimension.  The furniture can reference historic forms or modernist details, it can be formal or casual with metal or iron details and can elevate the visual and textural appeal of the bath.

While there are many ways of personalizing the bath from the selection of the surface materials to the texture of towels and the color of the paint, often the cabinetry is ubiquitous. A piece of furniture can offer significant stature to the space as well as the necessary function. Layered hand finished white washed oak, French polish on walnut, metal with marble, limestone and glass… and a space is transformed by updated aesthetic choices.

The bath, with its beautifully crafted furniture, takes on the personality of the resident. Its demeanor will be different from so many of the baths that are published regularly; they will be inspired, practical and elegant.

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