I know that many of you saw this bath featured in World of Interiors. I would be remiss if I did not comment on this completely original Art Deco design: it is perfection.  The New York City apartment, a penthouse with 30 rooms on Gracie Square with views in several directions, was owned by Conde Nast. The design elements of the bath and the entire apartment fall well within the decorative arts framework made popular in the 1920s and 1930s in France. The influences were informed by contemporary design themes from LeCorbusier and Walter Gropius, historical excesses and exuberant wrought iron floral designs of Edgar Brandt, organic forms from Hector Guimard and crisp angularities from Charles Rennie Mackintosh are evident in the etched glass.

Art Deco is a shorthand description of the decorative arts between the Wars visible in the familiar urban architecture of Rockefeller Center (with its chevrons, arcs, sunbursts, and flower sprays), the Woolworth Building and other New York City landmarks. The American version of the Art Deco style was prominent decoration for tall buildings, and disappeared very quickly as the American economy fell apart in 1929.

This surviving bathroom demonstrates the best of the period; etched black glass embellished with fanciful birds and flowering vines, a scalloped mirror over the sink and a faceted dressing table, ornamental crystal lighting above the tub, and finally, Pewabic looking ceramic mosaic floor and yellow fixtures. Clearly, no expense was spared to create this Art Deco masterpiece, and well-informed good taste is apparent at every turn.

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